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How to use Microsoft office product key during installation?

Microsoft Office is a package of various client software, server software, and lots of services. Microsoft Office or Office is like a basic necessity of every PC. The basic suite of Office provides a bundle of software like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Now Office offers advanced features like OLE data integration, spell checker, and Visual Basic for Applications. Microsoft Office setup is available on several versions for targeting a large number of users and computing environment. Earlier, Microsoft office was developed for Windows PC and Mac OS. But the latest version of Office can run on several platforms like Android and iOS.

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How to download Office 365 with product key?

Office 365 is the most advanced suite of Microsoft that offers new setup and features like Outlook, hosted services, other office applications, and various collaboration tools. Office 365 provides you a secure platform to work. There are several plans available for Office 365 such as personal, home, business essentials, business premiums, enterprise, etc. You can choose a suitable Office plan according to your device compatibility and need. Before you download the Microsoft access setup; make sure to check your device specifications. Every suite has some system requirements. If your system can't fulfill the requirements then you can't run Office 365 on that device. So, check the device specifications and then choose an Office plan. Here are the steps for downloading Office on Windows PC:

The setup will start downloading on your Windows PC. Wait for completing the download process. After full download, you can proceed to installation.

How to install Office 365 with Product Key?

You have to install your Office setup after downloading it. So, go your download and click on the run button. A user account control prompt will appear on the screen asking for permission. Click on the Yes button. Wait for completing the installation process. After complete installation, you will get a successfully installed message on your screen. Click on the close button. In case, you face any errors while downloading or installing Office then you can get help from the support office setup.

Where to enter Microsoft office product key?

If you have purchased Microsoft Office with a product key then you have to enter the key while downloading the setup. Once you enter product key office; you will get the setup according to your plan. Visit the official website and log in to your account. Now you have to enter the key with using hyphens. Follow all the on-screen commands for download and installation.

How do I download Office for Mac?

The office offers you various advanced suites for Mac according to your requirements. Downloading Office in Mac is similar to Windows but the installation process is a bit different. For downloading, you have to visit the official website and sign in to your Office account. If you have signed in your personal Microsoft account then go to the homepage and choose Install Office Apps. Then click on Office 365 apps for starting the download process. Now you have to follow the on-screen commands for completing the download process.

How to setup Microsoft Office on Mac?

After completing the Office 365 download process on Mac device; you have to install the setup. Follow the steps mentioned below for installing Microsoft Office 365 on Mac:

  • Open your Mac and go to downloads
  • Double click on the setup to run the installer
  • An installation screen will appear on the screen; hit the continue button
  • Now a software license agreement will be displayed
  • Read the agreement and then click on Continue button
  • Hit the agree button
  • Choose the type of installation and then hit the continue button
  • Review the disk requirement page and click on Install button

A confirmation prompt will appear on the screen. Enter your Mac credentials and then hit the install software button. Office 365 will start installing on your Mac. Wait for completing the installation process and then click on the Close button. If you face any kind of error while installing Office on Mac computer then you can contact Support Office install for technical help.

How to redeem Office 365 home key?

To redeem your Office 365 key, you will have to visit the Office page. Open your web browser and search for Office website. Now sign-in to Office account with your credentials. A prompt will appear on your screen. Enter your product key and click on the confirm button. Now you have to follow the prompts for completing the redemption process.

How to setup Microsoft Office on iOS?

Microsoft Office offers special suites for iOS devices. You can use Office on your iOS in two ways. You can install the Office app which has all the basic programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on a single app. The benefit of using an Office app is that it is designed for mobile-centric features. You can easily view, edit and share your files without switching the applications. But this application is only available for iPhone. Another way for using Office is by installing the applications individually. If you only need Word then you don't have to install the whole suite. You can install these apps individually on the iPhone as well as on your iPad.

Follow the given steps to install Microsoft office on iPhone:

  • Open any Office App (say Word) on your iPhone to launch it
  • Now sign in your Microsoft account (or Office account)
  • iii. Click on the Next button
  • iv. In case you don't have a Microsoft account then you can easily create one free with your email address
  • v. Click on create and edit button for working on the documents
  • vi. If you want to add another account like OneDrive then you have to click on the Open tab and click on Add a place
  • vii. From OneNote, click on Settings and navigate to accounts
  • viii. If you want to get the notification then click on yes button otherwise hit the not now button

Now choose the cloud service you want to add on your Office then enter the email address and password to sign in. Now you can easily use Office on your iOS device.

How to install Microsoft Office on Android devices?

The office allows you to use Office on Android in two ways. You can either download the Office mobile app or you can download the tools individually. If you use Office mobile app then you will get a whole package of tools that have Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Using Office app is helpful as you don't have to switch tabs to edit, view or share files. But if you don't require all tools then you can just go for the tool you want. You can easily use the Office app from anywhere. For setting up an Office app for the first time; you have to click on the app (say Word) and then hit the allow button. Two prompts will appear on your screen (files and contacts). Hit the allow button. If you want to add another account the select open tab and click on Add a place. Now go to settings add navigate to Accounts. In case you are using Office app on your Android then your OneDrive files will get added to your account automatically.

Common errors while installing Microsoft

Office Setup

Unsupported OS error

You will receive this error message while you try to install Office on your PC. The main cause of this error is incompatible setup download like you have download Mac setup for Windows PC or vice-versa. For mobile devices, you can't install an Office app on the iPad. You will also get the same error if you are trying to install the Office on unsupported OS like Windows XP or Vista. So, before downloading Office setup; you should always check the software requirements and your device specifications.

You can also visit direct Office 365 website www.office.com to complete your setup or call at 1-844-234-6038.

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